The Ways Beyond


We are so sorry to disappoint you from the start, welcoming you by the backdoor and on this very simple webpage!

Indeed, contrary to what you might believe, TheWaysBeyond is not written as three words, but as one! ?

It’s not a big deal though, as you are here now and we are glad to see you!

So please find hereafter a site plan to be able to:


How to discover the contemporary Paris?

TheWaysBeyond is the wish of Nikki and Frederic –both Parisians by adoption– to share their love for Paris through direct meetings with the cultural actors that keep on building Paris’s true image. The image that usual tour operators tend to forget, and to which we give you access with different activities, from a discovery walk in districts aside the tourists tracks, to tasting of 100%-French caviar or an exclusive meeting with an artist in his workplace or with luxury craftsmen. Each activity is marked with authenticity, cultural excellence and quality of experience.

Our offer is open to both individuals and corporates, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line directly with your specific requests via the Contact section!

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