Please find hereafter the most frequently asked questions by topic:


Booking & Payment

Do I have to create an account to book an activity?

No need to create any account to book an activity on TheWaysBeyond. You just choose your activity, register and buy a ticket, and there you go! Enjoy the flow!

Can I book an event by phone or email?

The activities can only be booked on our website. No booking will be accepted at the activity.

Can I book & pay cash or transfer the money?

No, payment can only be done on our website and no cash payment will be accepted onsite.

How much does an activity cost?

The price for each activity is clearly mentioned on the activity webpage. Our pricing is transparent you can see on each activity page what the fee includes and what it does not.

Is there any specific discount (for children, unemployed, retired…)?

We do not grant any specific discount, but…

Can I book an activity for a friend?

Yes, you can! Your friend just needs to tell your name to our mediator as he arrives at the activity.

Which credit card can I use to pay? Is online payment secure?

TheWaysBeyond works with Stripe for online payment. Payment can be done with Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, other credit cards), Wallets (AliPay, ApplePay) and local payment methods (Bancontact, Giropay).
Stripes currently deals with secure payment for most of online major companies and you might actually have already paid something through them without knowing it! ?

How can I get an invoice?

You need to email us at contact@thewaysbeyond.fr with the invoicing details and we’ll send it to you in the days after the activity. Don’t forget to mention which activity is concerned for the invoice!

I have just booked an activity but I haven’t received any confirmation email.

Our emails might sometimes end up in spam. Please double-check your spam box to make sure your inbox does not consider our emails as spam. If you nevertheless have not received the confirmation email, please contact us at contact@thewaysbeyond.fr

How can I book an activity for a group / work council ?

Please email us directly at private@thewaysbeyond.fr. We’ll get back to you asap and find together the best activity that’ll suit your group! ✌️


Cancelation & Delay

Can I cancel my booking?

Tickets are refundable only if the event is canceled by TheWaysBeyond. Still, if you realise you made a mistake in your booking, please email us at contact@thewaysbeyond.fr and we will find a solution to your problem.

What if I’m late at an activity?

If possible, please let us know of your delay beforehand by calling or texting the number sent in the reminder e-mail. The group mediator will call you back to try organise your arrival.
Nevertheless, please remember that it is important to observe the schedules of the meetings as stated on the Order confirmation. We actually kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the event so that we can start on time. In case of delay you may be denied access and no refund will be granted.

What happens in case I booked an outdoor guided tour and it is raining?

Outdoor guided tours take place no matter the weather. We nevertheless advise you to dress accordingly. No refund will be done for bad weather.

What happens in case the activity is canceled?

We inform you by email or by text message of any modification of the event arrangements (time, place…), postponement or cancelation. In case of cancelation, you will be allowed to either:



I forgot the time and place of the visit. What shall I do?

Just check the reminder e-mail we have sent you upon booking with the place and time of the meeting. You will also find there the contact of the group mediator, to contact in case of delay or cancellation.
In case you haven’t received this email (and even if you have deleted it by mistake, who knows?), please contact us at contact@thewaysbeyond.fr

Is there a person representing TheWaysBeyond during the activities?

Of course, there is! How then could we have you discover our best picks without being present to welcome you (with a smile) and introduce them to you? A TheWaysBeyond mediator is therefore present for each activity: do not hesitate to ask them questions about the city, for any translation need or if you have any remark or complain about the activity!

Do all your mediators speak English?

Yes, they do. Some even speak other languages (like Spanish, Chinese or Italian) and will be happy to help you with the language barrier if necessary. Please note that the activities will nevertheless happen in either French or English. The “main” language is mentioned on each activity page.

Are the activities appropriate for children?

Our activities are generally planned for adults without kids, even if some can be done with kids, of course! Participating with kids is a “question of common sense”, but if you are hesitating, please write us at contact@thewaysbeyond.fr for more precision about the activity itself.
On the other hand, if you decide to participate with your kids, we reserve the right to ask parents of turbulent children to leave the activity, in which case no refund shall be granted.

Can we make pictures during the activities?

Yes, of course, unless the places we visit have specific restrictions on photo. You are anyway welcome to post your pictures on social media using our hashtags #TheWaysBeyond, #TWBParis. But we know by experience that you will better enjoy an activity if you fully participate, so somehow we rather advise to only use your phone moderately.

Can I bring a small dog to the activity?

You might not know it yet, but we love small dogs (and many other animals as well)! Yet, not everyone does and some are even allergic to them, so that we prefer not to let any animal in any of our activities, except a guided tour in town.

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